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What’s new on Facebook?

Facebook logo

What’s new on Facebook?

Facebook recently created two new useful features. Discover how companies and advertisers could benefit from those tools.

We’ll start presenting you Convos, the innovative chatbot that can be used within Facebook.


Using Convos to create content outside of Facebook Messenger

The company Octane AI that is creating tools for chatbot on Facebook Messenger, recently developed “Convos”.

Convos gathers message threads under a unique conversation; it turns blog posts into a chat made specifically for bots within Facebook.

Companies and advertisers could now generate conversational episodes outside of Facebook Messenger.



The concept

The Convos concept is simple; you start by creating a post in a chat. The post will be followed by predefined messages sent to users. Once the messages are published, the users will respond by choosing from multiple bot answers (in embedded bubbles).

The convos content could be delivered the same way as it is shared on social media, on a Facebook page or on a Twitter account. Convos can also host native content such as links, new articles, canvas, post, photos and videos.

Internet users would receive individual messages relaying every interesting bits of news.

Brands could use Convos to start promoting their products or services. Guiding clients through text messages, explaining how to use a product step by step through the application.

Companies could create episodic fictional or non-fictional stories every week, like “Serial” the famous podcast. The goal is to let users create their own stories, by giving them the opportunity to experience and choose their own“adventure”.


Convos messages


The benefits

Convos helps companies save time, with referral links, no introduction is needed; users are sent directly to a specific conversation.

Convos is an interactive, efficient and straightforward interface. It offers the possibility to integrate colored predefined reply buttons and preset answers including photos, videos, audio messages and website links.

Here’s an example of Convos created by Maroon 5 to engage with their fans.


Maroon 5 Using Convos to engage Fans


According to the users’ answers, the conversation will set different directions, suggesting different personalized services or customized products according to the clients needs.

Convos is a creative, engaging, and fun, it enables everyone to create native, shareable content for bots.

This new platform will help you connect with your audience; talking to the bot will consistently draw users back.


For the second newly added feature, advertisers are allowed to buy Instagram Stories through Facebook. 



Buying Instagram Stories through Facebook

Two months ago, Instagram began inserting ads in between user’s stories. Facebook then made the ad placement available for international advertisers. Through Facebook’ self-serve ad-buying tools, advertisers can now buy Instagram full screen and sound on ad stories to promote their business.

While using the same Facebook targeting options, advertisers could choose real estate within Instagram’s Stories feed just like they do for Instagram’s main feed and Facebook’s news feed.


Instagram stories


The pros and cons of the new feature

When buying the Instagram stories, advertisers will have to use Facebook’s reach objective. Informing Facebook of the ad’s purpose to reach as many users as possible and optimize the engagement rates. Advertisers will be charged every time the Instagram Story ad is viewed on a full screen.

The ads created by the advertisers will have to follow the same specific Instagram Story ad format (vertical 9:16 aspect ratio, full screen photo or video, limited to 15 seconds).

On the bright side, this feature allows advertisers to buy Instagram Story inventory without having to purchase Facebook or Instagram inventories. Advertisers could choose whether they want their ads to appear only on Instagram’s Stories and not on Instagram’s main feed or on Facebook’s news feed.


Instagram Stories for Advertisers


Another Facebook feature is now out and allows advertisers to insert mid-rolls ads to non-live videos.


Facebook’s latest feature

Facebook also recently started adding mid-rolls ads in non-live videos. Facebook’s ad breaks interrupt videos being watched to allow advertisers to play their ad for 15 seconds. During the ad break, on a fullscreen video, you will see a button appearing with the name of the brand and suggesting you to follow the company.


Facebook mid roll videos