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Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns: What You Need to Know

Facebook Reach and Frequency

Facebook Reach and Frequency Campaigns: What You Need to Know

Facebook started rolling out the Reach and Frequency (R&F) campaign option since the end of 2014, and it’s now available to most advertisers. Is this buying option right for your business? Let’s dive right in. In this article, we’ll discuss the key features of R&F campaigns, exploring when they’re right (or not) for you, and what not to do when you run them.

Reach and Frequency & Auction

Most advertisers are familiar with auction buying on Facebook and Instagram. With auction buying, advertisers bid to show their ads at the lowest cost. An auction occurs whenever someone is eligible to see an ad, and Facebook will consider the quality and bid value of ads in determining which ads to show.

R&F is then Facebook’s response to traditional radio and TV ads where advertisers pay a fixed price to reach a pre-determined audience. This campaign option allows great control over reach and frequency, promising a highly predictable delivery of ad messages.

Facebook Reach and Frequency

Key features of R&F

  • A minimum reach of 200,000 people is required
  • Reserve a pre-defined audience & receive an estimate of price and frequency before campaign launch
  • Specify frequency caps
  • Control the order or delivery dates of your ads

When is R&F campaign right for you?

How is R&F buying different from auction buying, and when should you use it?

You may consider R&F buying when

  • Your goal is brand awareness. You want to reach a reasonably large, pre-defined audience with predictable frequency
  • You want to deliver your ads in a particular sequence. This feature – only available in R&F buying – is especially valuable for advertisers who wants to tell a brand story sequenced over a few ad creatives. As Facebook can identify each unique user, we can be very sure that a user has viewed Ad #1 before being showed Ad #2.

You don’t want to run R&F campaigns if you’re targeting a custom audience (website visitors, cart abandonment retargeting etc), with the aim of getting more conversions and sales. R&F campaigns are suitable for reaching a wide audience for awareness, and other buying options may be better for reaching smaller, laser-targeted audience with conversion in mind.

Important note!

As this buying type affects ad price, Facebook may choose to limit your access to R&F campaigns if you regularly reserve campaigns without running them, or cancelling them midway.  So be sure to plan carefully!

Some final thoughts

So, are R&F campaigns right for you? It ultimately depends on your objectives, goals, and budget. To reiterate, this option is especially suitable for brand awareness campaigns with specific ad sequencing in mind to tell an engaging brand story.

Need help on deciding the type of campaign that brings in the best results for your business? Talk to us.

(Written by May, Content & Social Media Executive at Mataris Agency)