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5 Chrome Extensions to Save Marketers from Trouble

5 Chrome Extensions Will Save Marketers From Trouble

5 Chrome Extensions to Save Marketers from Trouble

1. Grammarly

Not every marketer has perfect language skills. As marketers, we often have to double as content writers, producing content from short ad copies to long-form articles. It can be challenging when it comes to proofreading our content. Fortunately, there is Grammarly. This tool helps to check for proper spelling, grammar, and word choice. You can either drop large paragraphs of text into the Grammarly desktop application for review, or you can use the handy Chrome extension to correct any grammatical errors as you type.


2. Similarweb

You look at Google Analytics when you want to determine which of your marketing efforts generate the best return on investment. But how do you find out how well your competitors are doing?

Similarweb allows you to analyse your competitor’s websites, just like Google Analytics, but on a much simpler scale. With Similarweb, you can look into major reports like source report, geography report, search report. Just look at the traffic over the timeline and engagement metrics like Time On Site and Page Views, and you can know how your competitors’ websites fare against your business.

Similarweb Traffic

You can also use Similarweb to analyze and understand your competitors’ business model and how they are generating traffic. Although the data available through this tool becomes more powerful when you have a PRO Similarweb account, the free version is still handy to have around.

Similarweb Source

3. LastPass

Digital marketers work with many accounts, and it is a hassle to remember every single login detail. LastPass allows you to save all your passwords in one place. All you have to remember is the main password for your LastPass account and you’re good to go. You can use LastPast on any device for free. Everything you save in LastPass is synced automatically, so your passwords are available everywhere when you log into your LastPass account.


3. WooRank

WooRank is another website review tool that can help you to sneakily check out how successful a particular website is. With some simple SEO-Audit report and analysis generated by WooRank, you can see how your competitors structure their website and how they drive traffic to their website, giving you the further insights to improve your own website.


4. Builtwith

BuiltWith allows you to find out what framework a website is built with. It’s super useful for marketers and web designers as it helps us find out if a site is built with WordPress or what kind of plug-in and shopping cart they are using. Using this tool, you can investigate all elements of a website to identify and replicate the most successful aspects of a website.