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Concise SEO Optimization

Mobile Responsive Websites

Concise SEO Optimization

Everybody wants their content to be displayed on the first page of the search engine result page (SERP), but only a few percentage of those people know how to achieve that.

One thing to keep in mind is that SEO is a continuous process and not a one off implementation. With that said, we would jump right into the key factors to achieving a high SEO score and fulfilling most of Google’s requirements.

 Optimization for mobile devices

 Google has been stressing on the need for websites to be mobile responsive, it demotes sites that aren’t mobile responsive. To fall under their good grace in that aspect, best to have a website that is mobile responsive and also a good page load time.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Content is always number one

When I say content, I mean original content. Pages are weighed based on the content they serve. Plagarized content won’t get you anywhere.

Getting those genuine content out there, it’s good to do the following.

  • Keep it concise and straight to the point.
  • Research for and use top keywords in your industry.
  • Follow industry standard by adding Headers, titles and alternative text to media elements where applicable.

Tools like Seoreviewtool (http://www.seoreviewtools.com/content-analysis/) would help you achieve an Industry standard SEO score.

Keywords –  less is more

Ever heard of the saying – Less is more! While using keywords it’s best to settle for less with a Focused keyword, rather than using keywords everywhere. It’s very tempting to stuff your content with as many keywords as possible, But that might just bite you in the back. Always remember that your writing content for people who want to read your content and not the Bots that crawl your site.

When writing content, its best to  avoid the following

  • Over repetition of keywords across your content. You wouldn’t want a high keyword density, even though it doesn’t hurt you.
  • Overbulking your content with too much keywords. You want to be able to write actual content that makes sense and not just trying to play scrabble with keywords.

Restriction & Disavowing Links

Its good practice to disavow links from bad websites, what you don’t know might just hurt you. So, good practice is to frequently check your back links and disavow those suspicious sites that link to your website. You should also restrict pages in which you don’t want search engines to crawl by using robot.txt.

In conclusion, It’s best to always have SEO at the back of your head and adhere to industry standard whenever you want to write an article, design a website page.  As it helps you create a structure before hand to ease the continued optimizations.  It takes time to see your page rank go up, so be patient.

Google always changes their regulation for SEO, so it’s good practice to constantly keep up to date with their requirements so you don’t get penalized in any way.

(Written by Precious, Web Developer at Mataris Agency)