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Let's talk about digital marketing! You'll find here digital news and main issues faced by marketers.

1. Grammarly Not every marketer has perfect language skills. As marketers, we often have to double as content writers, producing content from short ad copies to long-form articles. It can be challenging when it comes to proofreading our content. Fortunately, there is...

It is a time when the attention span of consumers is reducing. Like fast food, information is consumed in bite sizes, on the go and on demand. From entertainment to current events, phone conversations or web surfing; the consumer is only interested with the ‘highlights’. The power of attraction is in the hands (or should I say eyes) of the consumer. This creates a unique challenge for both the creatives and marketers. Towards this effort, trends have evolved to recapture and establish subliminal ‘product’ pictures in the mind of the consumer. This evolution is evident in today’s current graphic design trends.

Facebook recently created two new useful features. Discover how companies and advertisers could benefit from those tools.

We’ll start presenting you Convos, the innovative chatbot that can be used within Facebook.

Like a lot of companies running digital marketing campaigns, you are most likely experiencing issues with Google Analytics tracking. And you might have heard a magic word: UTM parameters.
They provide a good solution but they are not perfect.