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Performance Marketing

Stop buying traffic. Buy profitability.
Acquiring qualified traffic is the first step of the process. There are plenty of ways to bring potential customers to your website or your app. In that ocean of possibilities, how do you make the right choice? How do you make sure each channel is properly optimised and is delivering to their full potential?


Benefit from every channels to build effective campaigns

Performance marketing

A successful performance marketing campaign is a combination of several factors, we call it the TMACC model:
A Timing - A Message - An Audience - A Channel - A Creative

Start organizing your performance marketing campaign with Mataris agency now:

At Mataris, we can help you plan your campaign calendar, build your campaign structure, set the right budget, define your targeting, design the creatives, automate your campaign and bidding strategy. We can also handle it entirely on your behalf, as our performance team is proficient in all aspects of every channel. We will provide you detailed and actionable reports on every performance campaign, along with in-depth analyses on how to improve. The objective is to tailor-make a marketing mix that is perfect for your objectives.

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Develop successful acquisition campaigns to reach more customers

At Mataris, we’ll help you set up a solid strategy to maximise the revenue generated on every channel. Our areas of expertise are the following:

Paid social media.

Display (Classic / programmatic).

Affiliate Marketing.

Search Engine Advertising.




Retargeting strategy.

Each channel requires specific technical knowledge and shouldn’t be handled the same way. They can be automated and should be laid out as an overall plan to benefit from each other. Each channel has a specific role and presents different opportunities to grow your business. The marketing mix will diverge according to your objective and your industry.

Our Case Studies

Horace is the European leading e-commerce website for men’s grooming products. We are running their social media budget and building a qualitative affiliate program across Europe.

Bumbung is a Malaysian startup changing the real estate market by matching user with agents based on their in-house algorithm. User don’t have to scroll hundreds of listings anymore to buy or rent a home.

At Mataris, we are helping Jinji, a brick and mortar retail company, transitioning into a high performing e-commerce website.