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Futurelab Home page

The client

Futurelab logo

FutureLab’s mission is to help students and young professionals find their dream job. The platform helps them connect to experienced mentors from the professional environment.
FutureLab is also a social-oriented entreprise: through the platform, mentors can give part of their earnings to charities.



  • Define a proper Acquisition strategy (Mentors / Students)
  • Develop their SEO and content strategy


Mataris plan of actions

  • Mataris helped FutureLab by implementing all their marketing pillars (Report / CRM / Social Media).
  • Improved their SEO and developed their social media & content strategy.
  • Created their marketing P&L (CPC / CPL / CAC / LTV)


Creating Social Media campaigns


FutureLab social media icons



Creating efficient CRM campaigns

FutureLab CRM icons


Developping their brandbook (design, content, messages, brand guidelines)


FutureLab Brandbook  Brandbook FutureLab


On site optimization

Sharing an UX Audit & recommendations.

FutureLab website optimization


Examples of Facebook paid campaigns created by Mataris


FutureLab Post boosting   FutureLAb Dark post Carrousel



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What do they think of us?

Team futurelab

“With Mataris, we managed to set up an effective acquisition strategy and develop FutureLab’s presence online with proper marketing campaigns.”