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Guardian – Enhancing the Performance marketing.

Guardian is the largest pharmacy network in Malaysia and needs to stay top of mind among his target in a
competitive market. Guardian primary objectives was to optimized the ROI of the performance marketing channels


The Problems :

Guardian wasn’t reaching the full potential of their Acquisition channels.

Low performing
marketing channels
marketing mix
Marketing efforts were
not data driven

The solutions :

Mataris came up with an revamped acquisition strategies to better benefits from guardian’s data.

Rethink the Acquisition mix
and Open new channels
Implement systematic
AB testing strategy
Focus and optimize
the Remarketing funnel

Performance Marketing – A success story.

Working on a mix approach of Acquisition and remarketing paired with an AB Testing strategy Mataris
managed to bring Guardian performance level to a whole new level.

Display Revenue multiplied by 4. CPC decreased across all channels by 70%. CPA decreased by 15%
Repurchase rate
increased by 10%