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Happy Bunch

Happy Bunch –
Developing a new E-commerce Flow.

Happy Bunch is a Malaysian start up that revolutionized the way of thinking flower delivery. After a few
successful years in the market they wanted to go to the next steps and optimized the three main pillars :
Acquisition, Activation, Retention.


The Problems :

Happy Bunch needed to rethink in depth their whole e-commerce ecosystem in order to boost the activity.

marketing channels
Unfriendly UX on the
No well-defined
CRM strategy

The solutions :

Mataris helped on the three pillars AAR to ensure long term growth for the company :

Enhance the performance
marketing and open new channels
Rethink the entire
website UX / UI
Develop a full fletched
CRM strategy

Social Media Ads – A Healthier Approach.

Working on a mix approach of Acquisition and remarketing paired with an AB Testing strategy Mataris
managed to increased the Social Media ads performance for Happy Bunch.

  • Multiply the test on
    messaging creative and
    format with more than 100
  • Fine tune targeting with use
    of abandon cart , lookalike
    and retargeting.
Social ads Revenue Increased by 20%. CPC decreased across all channels by 15%. CPA decreased
by 10%

CRM – Work on a full-fletched retention program.

Mataris help Happy Bunch to increase its customer LTV by rethinking the entire CRM strategy. Being growing the
data base, the emil flows , the newsletters and even the look and feel.

  • Increased email Collection
    via AB tested on site pop up
  • Define several CRM flows :
    Onboarding process
    Upsell , cross sell emails
  • Redesign the Look & Feel of
    the emails

  • Revamp the transactional
Increased email revenue
by 20 %
Multiply the database
by 2