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Muv – Activation of the whole digital ecosystem

MUV is an online car market place that allows users to sell and buy second hand cars at best price. MUV wanted to strongly increase its e-commerce performance and reach out to a bigger target Market.


The Problems :

MUV pain points were at every level of the funnels from acquisition to activation.

Low performing
marketing channels
Little growth
in conversion
Marketing efforts
were not data driven

The solutions :

Mataris came up with an integrated strategy based on our AAR model :

Rethink the
Acquisition strategy
on the top
performing channel
Increase MUV social
Media presence in
Malaysia in the car
Revamp the
Website with a conversion focus

Website – Activation of the whole digital ecosystem

The idea was to really focus on making the full experience easy for someone looking to sell or buy a car which is usually a complex process – to many information, time consuming process, counter intuitive navigation. In the Meantime we wanted to give a particular attention to the mobile browsing which is usually the first touch point.

  • Focus on navigation with
    hand picked filters and
    customer oriented functions
  • Rethink the website structure
    to optimize the SEO ranking
    on several keywords
  • Simplified Look & Feel
  • Optimized Navigation Menu
    for the two primary actions :
    Buy and Sell.
Conversion Rate increased
by 20 %
Ranked among first results for
strategic queries

Social Media & Content –
Creating content for conversion, only

The whole plan with the content was to sustain the website work toward enhancing the user experience. We were not looking to right car reviews for the sake of it but rather build guide, insights to facilitate the thought process when looking at buying or Selling a car

  • Redifinied MUV Social Media
    Calendar toward taylord
    made content
  • Create a full fletched blog
    strategy to optimize the SEO
    and iron out MUV position as
    car market place leader.
  • Write more than 40 articles
    providing insights on how to
    buy / sell a second hand car
Increased organic Engagement
by 15 %
Organic page growth
multiplied by 2.

Performance marketing – A conversion boom.

Working on a mix approach of Acquisition and remarketing paired with an AB Testing strategy Mataris managed to bring MUV e-commerce platform amongst the most performing in the car industry.

Lead generation multiplied by 20. CPC decreased across all channels by 50%. Revenue increase by 50%.