At Mataris Agency we are dedicated to only one KPI: your growth. We don't revolution digital marketing, we just do it better. Let us help you achieve your objectives.

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At Mataris we advocate for a holistic approach. SEO is one of the most sacrificed fields in digital nowadays. Let’s get your page ranked among the first result today.


Benefit from a complete SEO strategy

Mataris Agency Kuala Lumpur leverage your website’s SEO potential at any stage of your website. We optimize your SEO right from the start or during the creation of your online site. Providing a complete SEO strategy for non-optimized website is also part of our services.

SEO digital marketing

We work around four main areas to offer a sustainable SEO strategy:

Seo keywords strategy
Competitor analysis and keywords selection

Keywords positioning. Keywords search volume. Templates design. Article content.

Seo landing pages
Understanding of the website structure

Numbers of indexable pages. Crawlable link structure. URL structure. Keyword abuse. Rich snippet usage.

SEO Interlinking

Logs, crawls, active page analysis. Errors and bugs. Speed and responsiveness. Interlinking.

Optimize your social media page icon.
Pages optimization

Title & meta descriptions. Volume and quality of your content. Image optimization.

Using SEO effectively to improve your result in the long run

SEO is a “long term’’ solution for companies.
Marketers, however, tend to rush to paid channel because results can be seen immediately. They underestimate the importance of SEO revenue in mix marketing.

It is important to work on your website’s SEO everyday to see changes in the long run. Optimize your pages regularly, find the suitable keywords and use them accordingly in your articles. You certainly will get a greater online visibility.

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Search engine optimization


Bumbung is a Malaysian startup changing the real estate market by matching user with agents based on their in-house algorithm. User don’t have to scroll hundreds of listings anymore to buy or rent a home.

Mataris is helping FutureLab, the online mentoring platform, implementing all the pillars of marketing: social media & content strategy, CRM, UX.

At Mataris, we are helping Jinji, a brick and mortar retail company, transitioning into a high performing e-commerce website.