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Social Media and Content

Social media has become a crucial part of our daily life and activities.
In average, people connect 20 times per day on social media.
Brands are taking advantage of it: in fact, approximately 80% of the social media space is used as a commercial tool for companies.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of social media and content

Social media

Depending on the companies’ main objectives, the usage of social media will differ. Whether it is for engagement, to create brand awareness, traffic and to generate leads or all of the above, it all starts with a proper content strategy.

Mataris agency will help you build a suitable strategy following those essential questions:

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What are you trying to communicate and achieve on social media?

Social media objectives icon.

Is it aligned with your business goals, objectives and targets?

Social media costumers icon.

Who are your social media customers? Which kind of content do they respond to?

Optimize your social media page icon.

How will you optimize and improve your page?

At Mataris we help you build a strong and integrated content plan across all relevant channels, whether it is on social media or a blog or across different channels.

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Improve your online visibility by building an effective social media and content strategy

Don’t worry about organising your social media pages, we provide you with a complete social media strategy routine to follow:

Content strategy and planning.

Social media management.

Social media calendar and campaign.

SEO friendly copy writing.


Horace is the European leading e-commerce website for men’s grooming products. We are running their social media budget and building a qualitative affiliate program across Europe.

Bumbung is a Malaysian startup changing the real estate market by matching user with agents based on their in-house algorithm. User don’t have to scroll hundreds of listings anymore to buy or rent a home.

At Mataris, we are helping Jinji, a brick and mortar retail company, transitioning into a high performing e-commerce website.